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Power Transformers

Understanding Current Transformers

Current Transformers (CTs) are used to convert high-level currents to a smaller more reasonable level for use as inputs to protection relays and metering equipment.  Within electrical systems, current transformers are essential to ensure the correct functioning and control of equipment and for providing operational data and information. This introductory note looks at the construction […]

By Harvey Ursaki, January 16, 2020
Power Transformers

Power Transformer Installation Design Can and Should Be Automated!

Power transformers are used throughout the Electrical Industry networks to step up voltage for transmission or step-down voltage for distribution. A power utility transformer is one of the more complicated machinery in the electrical industry. The design of the transformer is in two stages as follows: Internal design – this is the responsibility of the […]

By Harvey Ursaki, November 19, 2019

Understanding Electrical Single Line Diagrams

When designing an electrical distribution system, it’s common practice to use a simplified notation in order to represent the electrical system. This graphical representation is called a single(one) line diagram (SLD). The single line diagram can represent an entire system or a small part of an electrical circuit. Electrical elements such as circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors, […]

By Harvey Ursaki, October 31, 2019