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New Advances in Web Based Technology Brings Changes to the CADD World

During my many years in the electrical engineering consulting industry, I’ve seen many knowledgeable engineers retire, taking with them vast amounts of knowledge and experience. I was always disappointed to see them go, knowing that they were a great lost to their workmates and their company. We all carry with us “toolboxes” that we use […]

By Harvey Ursaki, September 24, 2019
Power Transformers, Web Base CAD

Transformer Insulating Oil – Everything You Need to Know.

All power transformers are filled with an insulating/cooling oil. The oil is a petroleum-based insulating oil refined specifically to meet the desired electrical and chemical properties of the transformer. The quality of the oil in a transformer plays an important role in maintaining the longevity and performance of the transformer, extending the life of the […]

By Harvey Ursaki, September 21, 2019