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The Program

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The EDM software program is like a toolbox, loaded with just the right tools to help you complete a accurate design based on applicable codes, standards and industry practises. EDM is WEB based and is accessed through a subscription format.

The Modules within the EDM program are easy to customize to suit any application, standards or wiring methods needed, you can also use the EDM programmers to achieve the desired program to fit your company or clients specific needs.

Program Features

Some of the many features EDM has to offer!

Free Quick Calculator

Available Now, Complimentary Quick Calculator Module, from Motor Calculations, Cable Sizing to Conduit Fill and more, check it out!

EDM Electrical Drawing Software Program

Our modules produce Single Line Drawings, AC & DC Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, Schedules and more!

Design Parameters

Our modules support both NEC (US) and CEC (Canada) Electrical Codes, along with IEEE and NEMA standards. They also include calculators for Wire Size, Voltage Drop, Conduit Size and Fill.

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Easy to Use Modules

We provide many modules to ease the design process making an electical design project easy! Login and see the wide range of modules we offer.

CAD Export

EDM software allows you to transfer your selected parameters of a project to a readable CAD drawing, all with the click of a button!


EDM software continually updates and adds new modules and information, by subscribing, your account is automatically updated with all the new and improved modules!

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Calculating the Voltage Drop in An Electrical Circuit is Critical to the Success of Any Electrical Design!

by Harvey Ursaki, February 26, 2020

Voltage drop is defined as the amount of voltage loss that occurs through all or part of a circuit due to impedance. Understanding voltage drop is the key to a successful circuit design. A common analogy used to explain voltage, current and voltage drop is a garden hose. Voltage is like the water pressure supplied […]

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes to Motor Design

by Harvey Ursaki, February 14, 2020

Contrary to popular opinion, bigger isn’t always better—especially when it comes to electric motors. Plant maintenance and engineering departments like having a little extra power available “just in case,” so they sometimes specify larger motors than applications require.  But oversized motors cost more to operate—sometimes a lot more. Fortunately, there’s a simple procedure for determining […]

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DC Motors are Still Relevant in Today’s Modern Industries

by Harvey Ursaki, January 28, 2020

While some may claim that direct-current (DC) motors are no longer relevant, that is definitely not the case. DC motors and DC converters/drives are alive and well in industry, driven by many applications in which they are the best option. Alternating-current (AC) motors have certainly decreased DC motor sales, and they do have advantages in […]

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