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Weekly Feature - HV Transformer Module

The HV Transformer Calculator module is a powerful tool for engineers or designers responsible for the installation, protection and control design of high voltage power transformers.

From sizing the transformer, selecting CT quantities and ratios, to choosing transformer alarms and relaying, the calculator organizes and displays your design on the fly.

By taking you step by step in determining your design parameters of the Power Transformer, the final design, from transformer sizing, protection and control to cabling, is completed by module

The module then produces the following drawings: Single Line Diagrams, Alarm and Tripping Schematics (shown, as well as wiring diagrams, all with the click of a button.

Let's look at a the trip and alarm features of the module!

Below is a sample of the drawings that can be produced by simply selecting the desired alarm or trip boxes!

Also, you can add any alarms or trips you require to the list, these will also be included in the schematics drawings!

See cad conversions below

The drawings are produced in DFX format and can be imported to most CAD programs for adding the final details to complete the drawings.

These are just a few of the many functions included in the HV Transformer Module, with many more new features planned in the coming months.